R and D’s Entertainment and D’s Dynamic Productions to Host First Ever Prince and Princess Show

Mr. Mills

Organizer of the event, Mr. Russell Mills

In what is expected to be the first ever Prince and Princess Show, organizer of the event Mr. Russell Mills, believes it will be a great show that all who attend will surely remember.

The show which will take place at 3 pm at the Old Mill Cultural Centre on Sunday January 27th , will feature 5 princes and 5 princesses.

Mr. Mills stated it was during a visit to D’s Dynamic Productions, President and Founder; Ms. Davina Henry had a discussion about plans for another show and the idea was hatched for the Prince and Princess Show.

He said since that day, they teamed up and have been working tirelessly to ensure all necessary preparations were made.

The age range of the children is between 9 to 15.

He said they are very well behaved and focus on the task at hand and follow commands accurately while practicing for the show.

Although they started with only two boys, three others joined after they hosted a Prince and Princess Christmas Party which came to a total of five.

Mr. Mills says this show will be a great addition to the Carnival Calendar, while showcasing the talents of the young children.

The rounds are; Introduction/Speech, Party, Performing Arts, Creative Wear and Evening Wear.

Mr. Mills says the public needs to know that the youth are the future of tomorrow and we need to support them in all aspects of their lives.

He also added that, we need to provide various avenues and opportunities for them to express themselves and this show is a perfect example.

One of the contestants, 12 year old Neana Maya Coriette who attends the Convent High School revealed she always wanted to participate in shows such as these. Therefore, when she heard of it, she did not think twice to register.

She says on the night of the show she will showcase her talent in the form of singing which she gave a preview of.

11 year Britney Mc Lawrence, who also attends the Convent High School, says she entered the pageant because she knows she has the potential to win.

She mentioned, the youth need to use the opportunities available to showcase their talent so society can see their positive side, which is most times overshadowed.

The full list of contestants is; Britney Mc Lawrence – representing Goodwill, Denzel Ford – representing Goodwill, Neana Maya Coriette – representing Kingshill, Darvin Augustine – representing Warnner, Ashanti Lawrence – representing Mahaut, Devon Honoree – representing Fond Cole, Kerissa Bellot – representing Scotts Head, Sherlon Lawrence – representing Mahaut, Markella Raffoul – representing Point Michelle,  Keron Lawrence – representing Mahaut.


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