Radio Show Host Calls on Dominicans to Co-Exist for this Christmas Season

christmasChristmas is fast approaching and One Radio Show host is calling on Dominicans to co- exist for the season.

Mr. Heston Charles, Host of “Sunday Praises”, says that in the past Dominicans have learnt to live with each other.

He says these days, especially this season, he has not seen that togetherness and he is hoping that things would change for the better.

He senses that we are far apart, whether it be through politics or religion, and he wants us to come together for this season and for the new year.

He wants Dominicans to begin the new year on the right track, because by doing that we will see things changing in Dominica for the better.

He asked if plants can understand the principles of co- existence then why can human beings not do the same.


Mr. Heston Charles, Host of “Sunday Praises”

He gives the analogy of bigger plants taking all the sunlight, and the plants who grow underneath those plants simply bend towards the sunlight.

As Dominicans he hopes that we can learn to be like those smaller plants and bend to where we need to be, so we can achieve our goals instead of staying in our situations and complaining.

He says we are all made different to create balance and we need to play our different roles well to have a harmonious country.

He wishes everyone a joyful Christmas Season.

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