Raid on Green’s Wholesale in Roseau

One young man will learn his fate on March 7th 2012, as this is the date for the adjournment for his court case.

Akim Jno Jules of Tarish pit, who was jointly charged with two juveniles, pled not guilty at the Roseau magistrate’s court on Friday February 24th, when his charges were read to him by the clerk of the court.


Mr. Jno. Jules who came before Roseau magistrate Ossie Walsh, was charged with malicious damage, theft and procuring.


According to the details of the case read by the clerk of the court, Mr. Jules along with two other individuals allegedly and unlawfully entered green’s wholesale supermarket, in Roseau on November 3rd 2011.


As a result of their entry they allegedly stole 1 carton of red cap, 1 carton of carnation milk, 4 cartons of small fruta, 12 cartons of crest cheese, 1 bag of lentils, 2 cartons of rainbow Markerel and 16 boxes of Milo among numerous other items which amount to a total of $7,992.96.


Bail was opened for Mr. Jno Jules, but he had no surety present, so he has been remanded till a proper surety is available.

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