Ram goat thief said if he knew the goat belonged to his friend he would not have stole it.


Cornelius Joseph of Boetica was brought before the Roseau Magistrate’s Court on November 11th 2010 on the charge of theft after he stole a ram goat belonging to Paul Degallerie on October 19th 2010. Cornelius who pleaded guilty to the charge said that if he knew that it was Degallerie’s goat he would have never stolen it. According to the facts of the matter, Cornelius slaughtered the goat, roasted it and then cooked it. The defendant who seemed to have been speaking to himself in the defendants box said, “I stole the goat but all you can just set me free.” Magistrate Candia George told Cornelius that justice must be served after which she slapped him with a three thousand dollar fine, in default he will serve one year at the Dominica state prison. Not one single part of the animal was retrieved.

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