Rap on peace project


peace_rap.jpgThe project will be executed in two parts: the first being a consultation which brought together young men from within the western district communities.


At the consultation which was held at the Haywood Hall in St. Joseph Magistrate Gloria Augustus, spoke to the young men about resolving issues as little conflicts became criminal acts.


It is hoped that the project will foster a spirit of peace among the young men of the Western District, Curb incidents of inter community violence among youth and encourage alternative problem solving strategies or example with Sports and Music.


Calypso King Dennison ‘Dice’ Joseph, addressed the young men and encouraged them to be true to themselves instead of identifying with foreign influences.


He advised the aspiring young performers to align themselves with music that they can relate to as this will aid them in achieving success.


The project was organized in an effort to address a growing trend in community to community youth violence which has been recognized as a growing problem and has been inhibiting inter-community youth exchanges and other activities.

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