Rayburn Blackmoore’s Site Visit to Grandfond on Road Project


Parliamentary Representative for the Granfond Constituency, Honorable Ivor Stephenson

Once again, the Minister of Public Works Honorable Rayburn Blackmoore, held another site visit to Grandfond on its Road Project.

Parliamentary Representative for the Granfond Constituency, Honorable Ivor Stephenson, says this is the continuation of works from phase 1 of last year.

Mr. Stephenson explained that presently, the pavement of the road surfaces is ongoing.

He noted he is very satisfied with the amount of work taking place in Granfond as in December 2011, there were a lot of heavy rains. Since then he says serious excavation work had to be done on the roads.

Contractor of the project Mr. Paul John-Hope, says this is a long needed project for the residents of Gandfond and for those traveling on these roads.


Contractor of the project, Mr. Paul John-Hope

Mr. John-Hope believes the project will be completed at the end of April, 2013.The contractor says so far it has been 333 meters of rigid pavement however; he is satisfied with the amount of work that is done thus far.

He said today gave them three weeks on the job and he must say, the young guys are picking up and understanding the true meaning of construction.

Honorable Rayburn Blackmoore says, this represents Government’scontinued effort to improve Dominica’s Road Network.

He says at the end of this exercise, they would have spent $ 1.7 million to significantly improve the road in Grandford.


Minister of Public Works, Honorable Rayburn Blackmoore

The Minister added that a few years ago, they spent $328.000 at the entrance of Rosalie leading to Grandfond.

Soon they will be moving to Portsmouth.

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