Raymond Lawrence Speaks on his Advantages and Disadvantages of being Chief Cultural Officer


Chief Cultural Officer, Mr. Raymond Lawrence


Chief Cultural Officer Mr. Raymond Lawrence, who began working with the Cultural Department 31 years ago in 1982, says his interest for Dominica’s Culture developed from a young boy.

Mr. Lawrence took over the office in 1990 and became the official Chief Cultural Officer in 1993.

He says as a boy, at the end of the school year, the school would host an event called “Speech Day”, where the students would display their talents through poems and dances.

This is where his real interest developed.

At the age of 17, Mr. Lawrence started the Waitikubuli Dance Group.

Originally the name Dance Group was “Kubuli dancers”. However, after a few years, Mr. Lawrence along with dancers decided to take on the full name.

This year the group will celebrate 42 years of existence.

Mr. Lawrence said, the most difficult and frustrating factor as “Chief Cultural Officer” , is finding the resources needed for certain Cultural Events.

He noted, he does understand that Dominica may not be classified as a “rich country”. However, it becomes frustrating when the funds needed for Cultural Activities are insufficient.

He strongly believes Cultural studios and infrastructures will be beneficiary to Dominica.

“Our culture has the potential to continue to be displayed regionally and internationally,” he said.

The Chief Cultural Officer is encouraging the public to continue to give their support in Dominica’s Arts and Culture.

Mr. Lawrence says, our culture plays a meaningful role within our entire life in Dominica.  ‘Regardless what field that we are in, medicine or media, we live in Dominica and we need to understand our country”, He said.

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