Reading and Technology Can Work Says Dr. Schuyler Esprit

SAT TV NEWS 14-04-02 Wednesday.Still029Although some say technology has caused a decline in reading, Dr. Schuyler Esprit, Coordinator of a recently launched National Reading Competition says, technology and reading can go hand in hand.

“I think people forget that in all areas of our lives we rely on reading and critical thinking so much, even when we use other types on technology”, she said.

She noted that reading should not be used as a punishment but must begin from a very young age and should be done regularly.

Ms. Esprit admitted that although technology has affected reading; however, there are benefits and setbacks.

She noted that nowadays we tend to read in shorter bursts and have a lower attention span.  She recommended that we merge the two to create a proper balance.

She added, one way in which the problem of the underutilization of libraries can be resolved is by hosting reading programmes that will attract various age groups.

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