Real Friends Concert

Christopher Martin

A number of patrons turned out in large numbers at the Krazy Koconuts on Saturday April 7th, which was the venue for the Real Friends concert.

The concert was headlined by Jamaican Artiste Christopher Martin, with D-Major and Adrenalin also from Jamaica and also featured Dominican Michelle Henderson along with other local bands.

Patrons were warmed up by the performance of D-Major who performed a number of songs such as; “can’t get enough,” “party like it’s your birthday” and “what’s love about” among others which the crowd sang along to in full appreciation.

Many persons all cheered for Dominican’s own, Michelle Henderson, who had the crowd dancing to her melodic voice, while delivering a very energetic performance.

The crowd went into full dance mode when the headliner Christopher Martin, came on stage to entertain the crowd with nonstop performances the crowd could not get enough off.

He performed a number songs such as “driver,” “melody to my song,” and “take my wings” among others.

Being serenaded my Mr. Martin’s love inspired lyrics many young ladies kept on touching him throughout his performances, while screaming his name.

Mr. Martin ended his entertaining performance with a duet with a local artiste of his song “watch me lord.”

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