Real Friends Press Conference

The Digicel Store in Roseau was the scene of much excitement as popular regional artists D Major, Adrenaline and Christopher Martin alongside local zouk sensation Michelle Henderson were present for the official release of the ‘Real Friends’ Show.

Michelle Henderson says that it will pleasure to perform alongside the Jamaican headliners and feels that though as artists they perform different geners, they are one and the same as they both originate from Africa.

This will be Adrenaline’s first visit to Dominica unlike D Major and Christopher Martin who will perform at the Krazy Koconuts for the second time.

Christopher Martin, a Jamaican reggae artist says that he is welcome to doing collaborations with local artists in Dominica.

The show will be held at the Krazy koconuts on April 7th at 10 pm and will also feature artists such as Ilie Kochie and other local artists.

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