Recent statistics reveals a reduction in Banana production


The Banana Industry in Dominica is presently under producing, according to recent statistics revealed by the Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, Honourable Matthew Walter.  Mr. Walter said that the average weekly production is approximately 8,300 boxes, a figure which he said is relatively lower than the 19,000 boxes needed to supply both the Regional and UK Markets.


He said ‘the expected or required volumes per region and the UK Markets are as follows: DBPL supplies a total of 3000  boxes to both the Regional and UK Markets, while DNFTO supplies 1000 boxes to the Regional Market and 10000 boxes to the UK Market and other traders supply a total of 3000 boxes to the Regional Market.’


According to Mr. Walter, this clearly shows that the expected or required volume for the Regional and UK Markets are approximately 6000 and 13,000 boxes respectively.


In this regard, the Minister appealed to the relevant players within the industry to work as a unit and to understand the value of the Banana Industry not only to the Agricultural Sector but to Dominica’s overall economy.

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