Recruitment Agency Offers Employment for Youths Of Dominica


Mrs. Kerine Lewis, the Recruiting Agent for MAMPA

Generally the state of the economy in Dominica seems to be of great concern. The youths have no source of employment; students who go away to study return home and find it difficult to find employment especially in their field of studies.

However it is comforting to know that we have a new Recruitment Agency here in Dominica that recruits people from all over the island to award them a chance of gaining not just employment but an experience that most of us only dream about.

Mrs. Kerine Lewis, the Recruiting Agent for MAMPA, is a recruiting Agency that recruits individuals for hotels, cruise lines, restaurants and casino is based in St. Lucia; but here in Dominica they only recruit for the cruise line Royal Caribbean.

Mrs. Lewis had this to say when asked if people here were receptive to the opportunities.

Kerine says that the opportunities are endless for the applicants who get accepted. As a past employee of the ship she has seen the fruits of her labor.

She thinks it’s a good opportunity to get our youths involved in building careers for themselves instead of being on the streets.

In light of the recent incident, where a Caucasian man came to Dominica and posed as a Royal Caribbean Human Resource Manager, Mrs. Lewis had this to say.

She urged people to be more aware of the strangers especially when it pertains to money.

  • cassia aalie

    how do i apply for a cruise ship job

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    How can i apply for a cruise ship job

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