Recycling Seminar And Uses


smart bins.jpgThe Dominica Solid Waste Management Department is in the process of making Dominica natural and pristine. A Workshop was held in support of National Co- operative day on Thursday May 10th encouraging Dominicans to manage solid waste.


Public Relation Officer of the Dominica Solid Waste Management Association Mr. Jenon Jacobs says, getting involved is very essential if we want to see a decrease of littering.


Mr. Jacobs says the Association has been hosting many activities in terms of bringing awareness to the public.


In addition, he believes that a litter-free environment will boost up the tourism industry in terms of attracting more tourists to Dominica.


Mr. Jacobs indicated that it is not only up to the Government to implement no littering. He says we as citizens should change our mindsets and use the smart bins provided.


In addition, he stated that the public can make a difference by working together to achieve the same thing.


Mr. Jacob added that over 70 Smart Bins have been placed in the district of Roseau which was sponsored by various businesses.


He says they are hoping to receive about 50 more bins to enhance the Island.



written by: Deslyn Joseph

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