Red Cross Receives New Ambulance

New Red Cross Ambulance

New Red Cross Ambulance

The Dominica Red Cross added one more vehicle to its fleet on Thursday June 13th 2014, following the donation of a new ambulance by the Japanese Embassy.

Director General of the Dominica Red Cross, Kathleen Pynard-Byrne stated, this was made possible as a result of the approval of a proposal made by the Dominica Red Cross, to the Japan Grass Roots Grants Assistance Human Security Project (GGP) in 2013.

“We are delighted to arrive at this stage of displaying this tangible outcome of this assistance, the Toyota Land cruiser heavy duty 4 wheel drive ambulance will facilitate access to the most challenging terrain, and will facilitate the provision of emergency care and first responders,” Byrne explained.

Meanwhile, Ambassador of the Embassy of Japan, His Excellency Yoshimasa Tezuka, stated the ambulance costs US $65, 441.00.

His Excellency Tezuka pointed out, this donation was made possible thanks to a cooperation agreement signed between the Dominica Red Cross and the Embassy of Japan on Wednesday December 11th 2013.

He stated, the vehicle will also compliment the national ambulance services of Dominica.

According to the Ambassador, the Embassy is proud to contribute to the improvement of lives through this GGP Grant.

He pointed out that Japan and Dominica have benefitted from mutual agreements since the establishment of diplomatic relations in 1978.vlcsnap-2014-06-13-16h15m14s73

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