Redundancy Process Begins at Clear Harbor

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Members of the Task Force outside Clear Harbor building

What would normally be cubicles filled of Dominican customer service agents, delivering what some say is excellent customer service, was left empty as the redundancy process was well on its way on, Friday September 20th, at Dominica’s call center, Clear Harbor.

This was following a press conference, on August 21st, when the management of Clear Harbor, announced that 243 employees would be made redundant, effective September 21st.

Upon arrival to the compound, it was observed that many employees had already vacated the premises, after returning their entry keys.

In an exclusive interview with SAT News, General Manager of Clear Harbor, Ms. Mary Quinones, stated calls for agents had ceased, effective the night of Thursday September 19th, in order to allow them to hold discussions with the redundant employees.

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General Manager of Clear Harbor, Ms. Mary Quinones,

Negotiations are on the way with two clients, one who will provide the opportunity for 300 jobs, while the other will provide 200, opening the window for over 500 jobs at the call center by June 2014.

Once negotiations with the new clients have been finalized, Clear Harbor will begin rehiring employees who were made redundant.

In responding to the issue of alleged threats, made to the Management of the Company, as a result of the redundancies, Ms. Quinones explained, she is not worried about the equipment or the building, but her staff, as they cannot be replaced.

The Manager highlighted that, they have made provisions for training classes, for all interested redundant employees, in areas including but not limited to; Spanish, French, Customer Service, Microsoft Word & Excel and Sales.

Classes begin October 1st and will run into December.

Most of the individuals made redundant have already signed up.

There will also be a pilot programme during the month of October, where 100 employees have already been selected to participate.

The programme is expected to expand, provided its continued success.




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