Reformed Crack Addict Reveals his Dark Past

Chief Scout Commissioner, Mr. J.M Bonti Liverpool

Chief Scout Commissioner Mr. J.M Bonti Liverpool truly demonstrates that people are capable of changing. Mr. Liverpool says what motivated him to get off the drugs, was when his second son said to him that he no longer has a father.

He says if the choice was left to him, he would probably still be in the village of Grandbay smoking crack.

Mr. Liverpool says when he looks back; scenarios such as these strengthened his faith.

He added that back then he would have done almost anything and go anywhere for the drugs;

Mr. Liverpool says from a social sense, this was a degrading life for him. He says most times, he would be on the street past midnight looking for “crack” which caused people to refer to him as “midnight walker”.

Mr. Liverpool noted that his mother never gave up on him and he is grateful for that.

Mr. Liverpool assures those addicted to any type of drug, can change, as long as they put their mind to it.

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