Reginald Austrie Clears Air on Dominica Owing Venezuela Government


Minister responsible for the operations of Petro Caribe, Honourable Reginald Austrie

Minister responsible for the operations of Petro Caribe, Honourable Reginald Austrie, says the Government of Dominica has never refused to pay, nor are they unwilling to pay, or meet their obligations under that agreement.

This comes after reports, that the Government of Dominica owes the Government of Venezuela US $23.6 million dollars to their oil company PDVSA, as part of the Petro Caribe oil agreement, which they have made numerous attempts to collect but have not been successful.

Mr. Austrie noted, while the agreement makes provisions for payment within a 90 day period, if invoices are received after 60 days, then it is certain to disrupt their payment schedule.

Sometimes you have a double shipment, when for the first batch the invoice was not received making it difficult to make timely payments, he said.

Mr. Austrie said the Government of Venezuela, owes the Government of Dominica US $4.5 million for the Petite Soufriere to Rosalie road project.

“You also have a number of capital projects taking place as grants and money for these are coming from the short term facility with Venezuela, “Mr. Austrie explained.

Mr. Austrie stressed that those who believe the Government of Dominica cannot or is unwilling to pay have been misinformed.

He added the people of Dominica can rest assured, that the arrangement with PDVSA, the Venezuelan Government and the Government of Dominica is transparent.

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