Reginald Austrie Responds to Dominica Owing Venezuela Millions

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Minister responsible for Petro Caribe Dominica, Honourable Reginald Austrie

Minister responsible for Petro Caribe Dominica, Honourable Reginald Austrie, has broken his silence on a growing issue, where it is alleged that the Government of Dominica, owes the Venezuelan Government US $23.6 million dollars under the Petrocaribe agreement.

Recently, it was reported by former IMF economist, Dr. Thomson Fontaine, that the Government of Dominica allegedly signed an agreement with the Government of Venezuela in Haiti, for the trade of agricultural produce including bananas, coconuts and citrus, instead of the payments owed.

Mr. Austrie previously blamed the late billing by the Venezuelans for the delay in payments.

The minister made it very clear, that the money is there to repay the Government of Venezuela.

Some of the money owed he said, was borrowed to go towards the Petit Soufriere to Rosalie Road, with permission and endorsement in writing.

Other funds were spent on improving the Petro Caribe plant for safety purposes, with written permission from the Venezuela Government.

However, Mr. Fontaine says, Mr. Austrie has left more questions unanswered and needs to come clean with the people of Dominica, as it relates to this matter.

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