Regional Fisheries Ministers Gather for CRFM Ministerial Council Meeting

Snap 02014-05-23-17h39m05s41Fisheries ministers from member states of the Caribbean Regional Fisheries Mechanism (CRFM) met at Fort Young Hotel, on Friday, May 23rd, for the Eighth Meeting of the CRFM Ministerial Council.

CRFM’s Executive Director, Milton Haughton says this meeting is being conducted in an environment masked with the most challenging economic period in modern Caribbean history and the history of the regional integration process.Snap 02014-05-23-17h39m29s10

The Council will consider and provide policy direction on a number of recent initiatives which are designed to ensure that our marine resources enhance the region’s social and economic development, while protecting the marine bio diversity and the integrity of the marine environment and eco systems.

Haughton said, we must be mindful however, of what is happening at the broader international level and not only be minded of the local, national and regional issues and development.

Meanwhile, Honourable Dr. David C. Estwick, Minister of Fisheries in Barbados stressed that we must be aware that the CRFM is dependent on its member states for survival.

Snap 02014-05-23-17h38m53s163Estwick, in response to whether or not the CRFM is prepared to handle this crisis, raised Charles Darwin’s “On the Origin of the Species” theory which states it is the species most adaptable to change who will survive.

During the meeting the first sub-regional fisheries management plan (FMP) is to be presented to the ministers for their review and endorsement.

It is also expected that the Council will sign an accompanying resolution approving the Plan as well as a Regional Coral Reef Plan of Action.

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