Regional forum to address early childhood care and development

The critical issue of early childhood care and development, especially the formative period of zero to three years, will be explored from all angles at a four-day regional forum set for June 27th to 30th, in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

The forum, organized by the Caribbean Community Secretariat in partnership with the Caribbean Child Support Initiative (CCSI), will explore practical strategies from all levels for supporting the development of children.

Two interns from the University of West Indies, Kadian Harris and Malika Thompson are currently on island to raise awareness of the foundation for the development of Caribbean children, which will be launched on the first day fo the forum.

SAT TV News met with the team on Thursday.

‘We are here with the Caribbean Internship Project, I will be the community and advocacy intern. I am based in Castle Bruce where I am supposed to develop the YOUCAN; Youth and Community Advocacy Network, which is a network of advocates to look at the support around Early Childhood Development,’ says Harris.

Malika Thompson, who is the communications intern says although this special forum is being held in St Vincent and the Grenadines, Dominica has a lot to benefit from the programme.

‘Even though it is being launched in St Vincent and the Grenadines, there is so much activity here in Dominica with this programme. We are going to be working with the government to support the development of children to support Early Childhood Development so that they can grow into adulthood and contribute to the development of Dominica,’ says Thompson.

The FDCC is the regions first indigenous, private foundation dedicated to early childhood development with a vision for Caribbean children from all social and economic backgrounds to have equal opportunities to reach their maximum potential.

Ms Thompson says one of the main challenges facing the project is the issue of financing.

Project Coordinator of the RCP programme here, Mrs Nisbertha Buffong will represent Dominica at the four-day regional forum.

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