Regional Ministers Working Together on Flying Fish Management


Snap shot of a Flying Fish

Minister of Environment, Natural Resources, Physical Planning & Fisheries, Honourable Kenneth Darroux, says a lot more needs to be done locally and regionally to ensure that the management of flying fish are taken very seriously.

He says, this is vital to ensure we always have flying fish in Caribbean waters.

Mr. Darroux made the statement following a recent Caribbean Ministers of fisheries Council Meeting in Trinidad, which was convened by the Caribbean Regional Fisheries Mechanism (CRFM), a subdivision of Caricom.

At the meeting, Regional Fisheries Ministers deliberated on the management of the region’s flying fish.

Mr. Darroux says one this adverse activity is the depletion of flying fish, which they are working on combating at a regional level, because of the high migratory pattern of the species.

Some of the factors discussed which may aid in the low numbers of flying fish in the region are; pollution, climate change, migration and an increase in the temperature of the sea water.

The Ministers also reviewed the urgent governance and management issues currently challenging Caribbean countries in harvesting flying fish.

Coming from the meeting he said was the issue of French Overseas Territories, which are part of the Caribbean Archipelago such as Guadeloupe and Martinique, sharing maritime borders with Caricom countries, so they are important participants in the flying fish fishery in the Caribbean.

Mr. Darroux, said they also have to help in eradicating the not so friendly encounters with Dominican and French Fishermen when either one cross maritime borders.

He added also this can be easier said than done, we must begin working on this issue so it does not continue to affect us.


Minister of Environment, Natural Resources, Physical Planning & Fisheries, Honourable Kenneth Darroux

Mr. Darroux noted the meeting emphasized the need for closer cooperation with France at all levels, to ensure coordinated and concerted action for sustainable use, conservation and management of the flying fish resources, and other shared fish stocks.

He said they will not only focus on flying fish, as there are many other migratory species of fish moving throughout the Caribbean on a regular basis.

Mr. Darroux added there will be studies conducted in each CARICOM country to understand what has caused the low numbers of flying fish, or if any one country is responsible, as the fish migrate throughout the Caribbean.


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