Registry Department Modernization Project Continues


Registrar at the registry department, Mr. Ossie Walsh

In keeping abreast with modern technology, the Registry Department is continuing work on a project to modernize its operations.

Registrar at the registry department, Mr. Ossie Walsh, explained that the Civil Registry project will significantly enhance services in that department.

After scanning the books, the information will then be saved to a software program, which will make it easier to be retrieved.

He said the Canadian Government, has entered into a contractual agreement with the Government of Dominica, to assist the Civil Registry Department as it relates to electronically issuing certificates including birth, marriages, death and adoption.

This project will be complemented by the Organization of American States (OAS) project.

Minister of Tourism and Legal Affairs, Honourable Ian Douglas believes this project will address the issue of the lack of adequate resources within the Registry Department.

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