Releasing the Power of Learning in You and Your Child – Dr. Erica Joseph’s New Book


Dr. Erica Joseph, who has a doctorate in Divinity, does not allow religion to be a barrier in helping children excel.


Dr. Joseph said that religion should not prevent parents from seeking help for their children.


The doctor made this statement preceding her ‘Parents Day’ carded for Saturday, July 23.


The ‘Parents Day’ will serve as an open forum where Dr. Joseph and parents will discuss the problems they face with their children as well as her new book, ‘Releasing the Power of Learning in You and Your Child’.


Dr. Joseph said that her book serves as a guide to help parents whose children have difficulty in learning.


She mentioned that although she is not trying to compete with other authors, her book is different from the others.


Dr. Erica Joseph has studied independently for approximately 10-15 years after which she acquired her doctorate in Divinity.


She has previously written the book “Breaking the Ground of Fear” which was not officially published but is currently available on CD.

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