Remains discovered outside the Catholic Church in St Joseph raise suspicions

Questions remain unanswered and speculations continue to surface after villagers in the St Joseph community discovered some ‘unexplained’ remnants, at the entrance of the St Joseph Catholic Church on Wednesday, March 9th, 2011.


According to one eye witness, remains of a female’s clothing along with other plants and rotten fruits, which was discovered at the main entrance of the church, attracted a large crowd at the scene on Wednesday.


According to her, comments were made by villagers indicating that the incident may be voodoo-related.


Joseph says villagers linked the incident to 14 year old Shanice Jemmot, after some notes were found in the remnants on both sides of the church building.


While this discovery at the St Joseph Catholic Church remains a mystery, so too is the disappearance of Shanice Jemmot, who has been missing since February 17th, 2011.

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