Resdients of St. Joseph seeking assitance

Resident of st.joseph are calling on the relevant authorities to provide them with assistance as a result of the damages suffered from tropical storm ophelia.

Several flash floods occurred in areas all around the country on wednesday 28th september 2011 leaving many people without their homes and vehicles.

One man living the vicinity of the river said that although he is thankful that his house was left standing, it is pretty much all that was left. His furniture, clothes, appliances, important documents and everything else that was in the house were carried away by the raging river.

Amanda riley, another resident from st.joseph said that she had never in her life seen anything like that and hopes that someone will assist her to restore what she has lost.

Surveyors have been assessing the damages caused by the storm. So far it has been reported that (figure) worth of property has been destroyed.

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