“Reshaping Our Future Starting Now”

Domlec Representative Adina Bellot Valentine

AID Bank representative, Ms. Josephine Titre

AID Bank representative, Ms. Josephine Titre

A month of activities was officially launched on Monday September 30th, as part of Financial Information Month celebrated under the theme, “Reshaping Our Future Starting Now.”

This activity is a collaborative effort of ECCB – Eastern Caribbean Central Bank, ECCU member Governments, financial and academic Institutions, utility companies, the media, private and public sector entities and community based groups.

AID Bank representative, Ms. Josephine Titre highlighted that, during this month a number of partners will work together on various projects as part of Financial Information Month.

There will be a presentation by the Bankers Association on October 8th on the topic, ‘Cooperate and Banking Ethics.’

The ECCB will visit schools on Fridays during Financial Information Month, in addition to a library hour, while there will be a Business Symposium and Innovation Forum targeting Chief Executive Officers, Business Executives, Senior Managers and Entrepreneurs.

Financial Information Month is a regional, financial, economic, business and entrepreneurial education campaign executed in the ECCU – Eastern Caribbean Currency Union established in 2006 and have been observed annually ever since.

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