Residents of Concord Calls for Project Halt

Residents of Concord are expressing dissatisfaction and displeasure with the road project coordinated by gadacan and thegovernment of Dominica.

A resident of the community Jeffert Crafton is calling on the government and the people of Dominica to put a foot down so that this project will come to a halt or at least take a different path. Mr. Crafton told sat tv news that more than one aspect of their development is being affected.

Stones and sand from the river is being excavated in several areas to form a sea wall resulting in it being extremely dirty and waste materials such as trees are cut and left in the river. It is one of the main sources of water for the Concord people who use it for bathing, washing and drinking.

Tourism has also taken a hit in that area as the tourists are no longer able to come in to enjoy a river bath or the scenery in the area. Tubing operations of hibiscus eco-tours in the area can no longer carry on because of the water’s condition.

Charles Hamilton another resident of the community understands the need for the development of the road but still believes that better disposal of the project’s waste could be put into place.

He suggests the project operators look toward shelving the banks to repair the road rather than the destruction of the river.

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