Residents of Scotts Head Discover New Beach Atlantic Side of Sea


Residents of Scotts Head Discover New Beach Atlantic Side of Sea

Something truly was happening in the village of Scotts Head which has the residents excited, as they discovered a white sand beach on the normally rough side of the Atlantic Sea.

Scotts Head resident Mr. Conrad Caesar says this unbelievable but true discovery was observed two days ago, following heavy sea swells which battered the village over the weekend and at the beginning of the week.

He said this new beach has attracted many tourists and villagers alike who enjoy sea baths.

Mr. Caesar revealed after looking at the white sand, he reminisced when people used to build homes with sea sand and upon further investigation, it was discovered that this is the same sand that was used long ago.

He added he does know how long this beach will remain as is, because if the sea gets rough it may be transformed back to an area filled with rocks like it usually is.

He said though there would be some sand after rough seas or following a hurricane, it has never resulted in a beach especially one this large, which is amazing as it only occurs during the Lenten Season.


Scotts Head resident Mr. Conrad Caesar

Mr. Marcel Matthew from Scotts Head added, since after Hurricane David he has never seen sand on the Atlantic side of that area, so witnessing an actual beach there can only be described as the work of God.

Marine Warden, Mr. Dan Alleyne responsible for the Soufriere-Scotts Head Marine Reserve says he is impressed with this new found beach, especially as the Marine Reserve is part of the community.

Mr. Alleyne stated currently the Atlantic Ocean is calm how the Caribbean Sea normally is, while the Caribbean Sea is rough like how the Atlantic Ocean normally is, as if they have switched places.


Residents of Scotts Head Discover New Beach Atlantic Side of Sea

He is urging all users of this new found beach to ensure they keep it clean whenever they use it, so if it remains for a long time, it will be another tourist attraction for the area.

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    I would bath there with caution!!..Remember this is the Atlantic side!..It can be unpredictably rough!!
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