Copthall Residents put on Alert after Massive Landslide


Acting National Disaster Preparedness Coordinator, Don Corriette

Residents along the Roseau River from Copthall to Bath Estate’s Football House have been placed on alert subsequent to a massive landslide on Tuesday 18th June.

Acting National Disaster Preparedness Coordinator, Don Corriette said the magnitude of the landslide in the area requires immediate intervention to avoid dangerous exposure to the residents along the river.

Therefore further assessments were carried out today in the area to determine the necessary actions that should be taken.

He said the alert was issued due to a pending tropical wave that was forecasted to affect the Island the 18th of June.

A further assessment was completed on Wednesday 19th June with the Ministry of Public Works; however Mr. Corriette said the area was still too soggy to hold heavy equipment in the river.

Meanwhile the area will be monitored before any further assessment is completed.

“The implications are for the low lying bridge at Copthall”, Mr. Corriette is concerned that if there is a rush of debris, from the Copthall area, it may likely cause blockage at the Elmshall Bridge which may result in flooding.

However the Ministry of Public Works has taken initiative to ensure the channels at the Elmshall Bridge are kept clear, allowing any rush of water free passage.


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