Response to Cyber-Crime Must Be Quick Says Minister of National Security

DEU Brauchtum Liebe BrueckeHonourable Alvin Bernard, Minister for National Security, speaking at a Cyber Security Assessment Workshop on Monday April 28th 2014, says responses to cyber-crime must be quick.

He said this must be done as technology can be quite favourable.



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Mr. Bernard noted, the workshop will support several interventions initiated by the Government of Dominica to address the matter of cyber-crime and cyber-security.

According to him, there is an ongoing programme to enhance prosecution capacity and effectiveness and legislation has been enacted and amended to strengthen the hands of the court to address the use of fire arms in criminal activities.




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The Minister says he hopes that the result of the workshop will significantly enhance the Government’s policies and regulatory framework.

Some of the legislation the Government has enacted in the fight against cyber-crime include; The Electronic Transaction Act, The Electronic Filing Act and The Electronic Funds Transfer Act.




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The Government plans tobring forward more Acts in the future to Parliament for approval, in an effort to further strengthen their cyber-security strategy and legislative process.

One of the main challenges associated with technology, Minister for Information, Telecommunication and Constituency Empowerment, Honourable Ambrose George said, is that offenses can be committed on a global basis with such speed and anonymity.

He feels, if left unchecked this will threaten the viability of the economic well-being of industries, and the very existence of small nation states like Dominica”.

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