Results of the 2010 Roseau City Council elections


Albert Dalrymple of Kingshill is among several other councilors who have been elected to govern the affairs of the Roseau City Council for the next three years, when elections were held on Monday November 15th, 2010.


The city is made up of four wards, however, elections were only held in ward number one, since only two people were nominated in the other wards.


Out of the five (5) individuals who contested ward number one which encompasses Elmshall, Virgin Lane, High Street, Newtown, Kingshill, Fortune, Citronnaire and a cross-section of Castle-Comfort, Albert Dalrymple came out first with a total of 185 votes while Corinthia Blanc Esprit came in second with 177 votes and Kendra Stevens came in third with 107 votes.


The other two candidates amassed a total of 57 and 47 votes, each.


While highlighting his developmental plans for the City of Roseau, Dalrymple said “one of the primary concerns of the Roseau City Council is sanitation."


"While we would like to undertake several other projects such as the upgrading of sidewalks, we are unable to do so since most residents refuse to pay their house rates,” explained Dalrymple.


He went on to express sincere gratitude to all those who contributed to his success in the elections.


“I would like to thank all those who voted for me and even those who voted against me, since the two other councilors who were elected are young persons.”


The Roseau City Council elections are held every three (3) years.


The councilors who were not contested are Lucy Bell Mathew and Regina Walsh of ward number four, Cecil Joseph and Danny Lugay of ward number three and Rhoda St. John and Erickson Romain of ward number two.

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