Retired nurses and teachers in the St Paul’s Parish awarded

 Several retired teachers and nurses in the parish of St Paul were awarded on July 24th, as part of activities marking Fete St Anne in the community of Mahaut.


Representative of the Mahaut Village Council, Mr Davidson John said that the council felt elated to honor these individuals who have contributed so meaningfully to the development of the Mahaut constituency.


“The council is proud to acknowledge your hard work in the constituency of St Paul,” said John.


Parliamentary representative for the Mahaut constituency, Honorable Rayburn Blackmoore encouraged the villagers to put their differences aside and to continue working together to build their community.


“It is up to us to lead the way and to demonstrate leadership and discipline to our children. I am saying that because when we tolerate crime and when we hate each other, we are demonstrating the worse version in our community. I believe we need to demonstrate love and respect…” said Blackmoore.


Persons receiving awards at the ceremony were Mrs Josette JnoBaptiste for early childhood education, retired teachers; Sonia Hill, Agatha Eloi, Hearle Lancelot and Melina St Hilaire and retired nurses Maureen Vigilant and Clavia Alfred.


Other awardees who were not present at the ceremony were retired teachers Christine Foye, Thelma Sylvester and Reynold St Hilaire and retired nurses Theresa James and Agatha David.


The management and staff of SAT Telecommunications Ltd wishes to congratulate all the awardees on their achievement.



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