Reunion Committee Coordinator States Activities for and before Grand Bay Reunion 2014


Mrs. Leanthia Pacquette-Lewis, Reunion Committee Coordinator

Following the launch of the Grand Bay Reunion, held on Thursday September 12th, Mrs. Leanthia Pacquette-Lewis, Reunion Committee Coordinator, has confirmed the activities carded for, before and throughout the reunion.

A flea market which is geared at raising funds, is scheduled for the first Saturday of each month. The public is asked to bring in items from home, which is in a suitable condition to be sold at a reasonable price.

The list of activities before the reunion also includes a Christmas dinner which will be advertised to raise funds. Throughout reunion, Mrs. Lewis informed, that network and media updates will be conducted.

Bars are expected to be organized by vendors in the Grand Bay village, from the start point of Tete Lalae.

“We want to give everyone the opportunity during the two weeks of activities, to sell as much food as possible,” she stated.

Activities from July 25th to August 4th include: an opening parade of Friday July 25th, followed by a street Jam from Ma Tootoo’s Park to Tete Lalae.

On July 27th, the first Sunday of the activities, will commence with a church service.

Other activities include but are not limited to: a community walk through, cultural expression and drama night, Grand Rivere Open Park Event, economic and financial panel discussions, youth panel discussion and a visit to the waterfalls within the village.

Mrs. Lewis assured the public that each day will be filled with activities and is encouraging everyone to attend and make contributions.

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