Richie Spice says Reggae Music Teaches Progress

International Jamaican Reggae artiste Richie Spice

International Jamaican Reggae artiste Richie Spice

International Jamaican Reggae artiste Richie Spice says, Reggae Music is very popular, as it inspires many people.

He made the statement during an exclusive interview with SAT TV, while on Island to perform at the Unity Music Festival concert that took place on Saturday May 3rd 2014, at the Newtown Savannah.

The artiste stated, he is of the view that people love listening to the One Drop Reggae Music that teaches positive attitudes and is progressive in a way people can carry on through their day to day life affair.

He said performing in Dominica has always been a positive experience for him, and he appreciates the love and respect shown anytime he is on Island.

“Reggae Music is a form of music which many people can learn from with positive messages that can be relevant for years to come, which is one of the main reasons he chose Reggae over other genres of music,” Spice stated.

The artiste revealed he is currently working on a new album to coincide with a tour to include countries such as; Africa and Europe.

He explained the inspiration for one of his popular songs titled ‘The World is a Cycle’ stating it came from everyday life experiences where if one does good, good will follow.

He said the same goes for it you do bad, bad will follow, so one must always walk on the side of righteousness.

Spice is urging all musicians to keep working hard on their music and take pride in what they do to the fullest and persevere.

He added Reggae Music keeps growing, however more support from the Jamaica Government is needed for its continued development and sustainability.



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