Rights and Responisbilties of a Father

rights-responsibilities.pngDominican fathers are being urged to take more interest in the lives of their children and recognize the role they need to play in the family structure.


According to Inspector Claude Weekes, a father should not just be a “sperm donor”. Mr. Weekes believes it takes more than “conception” and “fertilization” to be called a father and the title needs to be earned.


He says, a father should be able to play multiple roles such as a doctor, councilor, best friend and many more to ensure that the child grows up well.


Mr. Weekes says that many get confused and believe that women may be taking over and he strongly disagrees.


He mentioned that the men in Dominica need to accept their responsibilities and not walk away from them.


Mr. Weekes says if fathers took up their roles, it could have a positive impact on the youth.


He thinks that defiant behavior is as a result of the lack of the Father’s touch and comfort.

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