Risk Communication Stakeholder Workshop Hosted


Dr. Martin Christmas

The Risk Communication Stakeholder Workshop commenced with an opening ceremony on Thursday July 18th at the Prevo Cinemall.

The general objective was to create a Risk Communication Plan for health emergencies.

Today’s session objective was to review what has been implemented so far, and to determine to the extent of its completeness.

Dr. Martin Christmas noted, data has shown that decisive and international action, taking full advantage of modern tools, could prevent diseases and by extension, health incidents.

He noted, each participant from this workshop represents a key stakeholder.

Dr. Andrew McLean of Ross University School of Medicine conducted a presentation on assisting Government Leaders in Risk Communication and Psychosocial Impacts on Disaster.


Dr. Andrew McLean of Ross University School of Medicine

The Ministry of Health extends gratitude to all stakeholders who have participated in this process thus far.

Establishment of a Risk Communication Plan to address Health Emergencies is pertinent to the Ministry of Health and the Commonwealth of Dominica by extension.

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