Road traffic accidents – The leading cause of death between the age range of 15-24


Stakeholders within the health sector met at the Public Service Training Centre, this morning, to review a Draft National Strategy and Plan of Action for road safety.


The document which was guided by the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) was enhanced through a collaborative process involving both government and nongovernmental organizations.


The workshop which was organized by Ministry of Health in collaboration with the Ross University School of Medicine, the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) and the Dominica Police Force signified a landmark event as health officials sought to work together towards the reduction of road traffic related injury and deaths on the island, a first for Dominica.


Dean of Clinical Affairs at Ross University School of Medicine Dr. Gerald Grell says he is pleased that they have decided to heighten awareness on the importance of road traffic accidents which is a major contributor to preventable deaths, particularly within the age range of 15-44.


According to him, the workshop provides the opportunity for them to focus on ways to prevent the wastage of life at that critical age, after which they are expected to enact the necessary legislations, aimed at mitigating such dreadful occurrences.


Program Officer of the Pan American Health Organization, Mrs. Shirley Augustine says it is rather unfortunate that each year, nearly 1.3 million people die as a result of road traffic collision; that is more than 3000 deaths each day.


According to her, 20-50 more people sustain non fatal injuries during these accidents, which are also one of the leading causes of disabilities, worldwide.


In light of these statistics, Mrs. Augustine says their goal is to recognize 2020 as the decade of action for road safety with the global goal of stabilizing and then reducing the forecasted level of road fatalities, worldwide by increasing activities conducted at a national, regional and international level.


National Epidemiologist at the Ministry of Health Dr. Paul Ricketts says it is rather alarming that road traffic accidents is the leading cause of death between the age range of 15-24 and the second cause of death between the age range of 25-44.


Dr. Ricketts believes that most of these accidents can be prevented if the necessary precautionary measures are taken.

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