Robbery at Mc Millan Gas Station

Police are currently investigating the events surrounding the robbery of Mc Millan’s Gas Station.


At approximately 8:10pm on thursday october 20th, two masked men entered the Mc Millan gas station on castle street and robbed the institution of an undisclosed sum of cash.


It is reported that the men entered the business place with guns and kept the security guard quiet, while a gun was placed to the head of one of the female employees who took the money from the draw.


At the time of the incident, three employees were present; the pump attendent, the pump assistant and the security guard. They were defenseless in preventing the incident.


Due to the gun being placed to her head during the robbery the attendent was in a state of shock, and had to be taken to the princess mageret hospital. However, she reported back work the following day.


The proprieter of mc millan’s stated that having a security guard is just to serve as a deterant, but he is defenceless especially when faced by armed criminals.


He suggests that the solution is to have gas stations close earlier, in an attempt to prevent future robberies.


The public is hereby informed to contact any police officer, or police station with information, that will aid in the apprehension of the perpetrators of the robbery.

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