Robbery at Muslim Store

muslem.jpgThe owners and employees of the Muslim store, received a shock this morning when they arrived to work, noticing that the store was burglarized.

An employee of the store, Ms. Karen Nicholas, who is the supervisor of the jewelry department says that, the store was broken into just after 1am this morning.

Ms. Nicholas also said that the thieves used a tool to cut open the padlocks which secured the shutter over the door, and then used another tool to pry the door open.

After gaining forced entry into the store, the thieves stole a number of items such as; car stereos, a 23” flat screen tv, a playstation 3, and xbox 360, 2 nintendo wii’s 4 laptops, cellphones and a large quantity of gold jewelry.

Ms. Nicholas says that this is unfair since the owner spent a lot of money to purchase the items, and the thieves took so much items which values in the 10’s of thousands of dollars, which is a huge loss to the company.

Ms. Nicholas also mentioned that since moving to this location on the bay front two years ago, this is the first time they have been robbed.

She went on to say that anyone who knows the perpetrators of this crime, please call any police station, or pass on the information to any police officer so this can be investigated.

She is also hoping that the police will work expeditiously to bring the thieves to justice.

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