Robbery at The Glam

The Glam

One business owner is seeking the public’s assistance in recovering items which were stolen from her business place.

Ms. Lilian Piper who is the owner of The Glam Day Spa and President of the Dominica Association of Industry & Commerce (DAIC), says that her business was burglarized in the early hours on Thursday November 22nd and a number of items stolen.

Ms. Piper stated the items that were stolen are critical to a small business such as her own and needs the cooperation of the public in getting them recovered.

She said the electronic equipment stolen is in the range of $3000-$5000 US dollars and she needs all returned.

The items stolen are a desktop computer, a 20” flat screen monitor, a keyboard, a cash drawer, an LG 32’ flat screen TV, a Sankey Stereo System, a Hard Drive and other small items.

Ms. Piper says such petty thefts are very stressful for business owners and is a thing that should not take place at all.

The Glam

She says that she has no idea of the motive for someone burglarizing her business place, but one of the ideas is that as the Christmas season is around the corner thieves are desperate.

Ms. Piper says just when she thought her business was secured this burglary was a perfect example of how no matter how much you think you are safe, there is a lot more that can be done to stay protected.

Anyone with information which will aide in the recovery of the items can call; 448-4099, 449-3149 or 275-2374.

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