Robbery in Marigot Credit Union

marigot-shoot-out2-300x225.jpgPolice have officially confirmed that four masked men carried out an armed robbery on the Marigot Credit Union on Friday March 9th.


Police P.R.O Sergeant Kenth Matthew has more on this developing story.

Other reports are that one of the four robbers dressed in camouflage wore and a bullet-proof vest and was shot in the face during the exchange of gunfire between police, he is now a patient at the Princess Margaret Hospital in Roseau.


Police are currently on the search for the other individuals involved in the robbery who fled the scene.

In more related news Police are currently investigating the armed robbery of two tourists, which occurred in the north of the island on Friday march 9th.


Police P.R.O Sergeant Kenth Matthew has more on this incident.

The robbers also took $150 Eastern Caribbean dollars in cash, before fleeing with the couple’s rented Suzuki Escudo jeep registration number tj105.


The jeep is owned by Road Runner Rentals, which was later recovered.

The victims were tied at the hands and feet while the men stole their belongings, in the incident which occurred at Batibou Beach in Hampstead.


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