Rodent Products Pull Down from Shelves


Rodent Products Confiscated

During a routine patrol by an Inspector of the Pesticide Control Board, on Tuesday June 25th, a number of local businesses were observed to have been selling products for rodent extermination,without a license.

For a product to be sold legitamately to the public, it must be registered for use in Dominica with English labelling; some of the products did not meet that criteria.

The Inspector who carried out the patrol stated, “The law of Dominica requires that, all persons selling such products must be the valid owner of an import license to import these products into Dominica,” many businesses located in Roseau did not meet the requirements, and as such the products had to be removed from their shelves.”

He noted such routine patrols are necessary, as in the event God forbid a child accidentally ingests one of these products, there is no way that the antidote for that product will be readily available to treat that child which may possibly result in their death.


Rodent Products Confiscated

“When I do such patrols, those found in breach of the law would receive a full explanation from me why the products had to be confiscated, as educating the public is very important.”

“If the business owners do not have the license to import these products, the customs officers should ensure they do not leave the port, but there is also the need for further collaboration between the Pesticide Control Board and customs officers,” he explained.

Some of the products removed from the shelves of various stores were entirely in Chinese packaging.

“So what we need to do is engage the Chinese Ambassador, so they can educate the Chinese operated business owners in Dominica, of the requirements as it relates to the importation of products such as pesticides,” the Inspector went on to say.

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