Ron Green Speaks After Decision Of The ECSC

Mr. Ron Green

After a three year relentless battle with the issue of dual citizenship, the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court made a decision to dismiss the appeal.

Mr. Ron Green a petitioner in the case voiced his outlook on the results of the ECSC.

He said his first reaction was that of shame, where our leaders have found it necessary to continue hiding the truth and celebrate lies.

Her Lordship Honorable Janice Pereira, handed down the decision on the basis that the UWP Petitioners did not provide sufficient evidence on the existence of the passports.

Though this matter of the dual citizenship is closed, there are still other matters that need pursuing said the former leader of the UWP.

In a previous statement, Mr. Green said that the UWP will now move to ‘educate people on the truth’ pertaining to issues that affect us as a nation.

Mr. Green highlighted parts of the economy that are in total disaster, namely Agriculture.

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