Ronnie Isidore Removed as Mahaut Candidate for UWP

senator Ronnie Isidore

senator Ronnie Isidore

After much speculation, it is now official that the United Workers Party (UWP) candidate for the Mahaut constituency senator Ronnie Isidore, will not be contesting that seat at the next general elections.

This announcement was made public by the President of the UWP Ezekiel Bazil during a press conference on Thursday May 14th 2014.

“Over the past eight months, Senator Isidore has had a number of trust and respect issues with the leadership of the United Workers Party and the executive members of the Mahaut Constituency Association which have adversely affected the party’s campaign for change across the constituency,” Bazil said.

Bazil stated, the decision of the National Executive Committee for the withdrawal of senator Isidore as candidate for the Mahaut constituency, and other matters, which will include the final ratification for all candidates, will be presented at the Party’s next meeting of the United Workers Party General Council.

He noted other matters regarding Isidore, inclusive of whether he will also be removed as a senator will be addressed at the general council meeting, however the Senator is still a member of the UWP.

Following the ratification of the general council, the Mahaut Constituency Association will make a determination as to a replacement candidate.

Meanwhile, Bazil stated that the following candidates have been endorsed by the UWP to contest the upcoming election; “Ron Green – La Plaine, Dr Thomson Fontaine – Grand Fond, Isaac Baptiste – Castle Bruce, Claudius Sanford – Kalinago City, Unica Victor – Paix Bouche, Jefferson James – Portsmouth, Hector John – Salisbury, Nicholas George – Colihaut, Monell Williams – St. Joseph, Danny Lugay – Roseau North, Joseph Isaac – Roseau Central, Joshua Francis – Roseau South, Higgs Adams – Pointe Michel, Ronald Charles – Roseau Valley, Urban Baron – Petite Savanne, James Alexander – Grand Bay, yours truly Ezekiel Bazil – Wesley and the political leader Lennox Linton”.

General elections is constitutionally due by March of 2015.

Meanwhile, the UWP will continue their Caribbean Diaspora Tour this weekend.

On May 17th they will make a stop in Antigua, to be followed by St. Thomas on May 18th, then St. Croix on May 19th.

On May 20th the team will stop in Tortola and end in St. Maarten.

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