Roseau Anti-Drug Rally

Sat Telecoms2014-02-03-19h44m01s59Students who attend school in the capital city, Roseau and its environs, took the message of drug prevention to the streets, on Friday January 31st, parading in an Anti-Drug March.

They encircled the streets of Roseau, reciting various chants like; “Be Alert! Drugs Hurt!”

The rally opened with a few brief speeches at the Botanic Gardens, under the theme “Making Health your new High in Life”.



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President of the National Youth Council of Dominica, Mr. Jahisiah Benoit, reminded the students that they are the future of Dominica in whom much is invested.

“You are the reason that we the older ones are working today.”

He told them that by maintaining a positive lifestyle they are able to maintain their health.





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Meanwhile, Ms. Jacinta Bannis, Director of the National Drug Abuse Prevention Unit, asked the students to focus on being healthy and to speak to their peers about the dangers of drugs.

“Boys and girls, if you do not do drugs, you’re going to succeed, you’re going to do well, you’re going to be an A student in your school…be at the top of your class”.

She told then also that drugs can take away their dreams.




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The rally was headed by the Ministry of Health and the National Drug Abuse Prevention Unit in closing off Drug Awareness Month in January.













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