Roseau District Olympic Academy To Host Sports Day Event

burn out1 (C)The Roseau District Olympic Academy (RDOA) is partnering with the Pottersville Development Committee once again, in celebration of Fete L’aurd Board – the Fest of Pottersville.

RDOA has been organizing this Sports Day event over the past two years with a superb interest from the public.

In the past, emphasis has been solely on football, however this year they have decided to approach the event in a divergent fashion, and integrate different sporting disciplines in an innovative manner.

This is aimed at challenging brain power, stamina and endurance, therefore taking on more of a family oriented atmosphere & appeal to a larger spectrum.

As part of the week-long celebration of Fete L’aurd Board, Roseau District Olympic Academy is extending an invitation to the general public to patronize in its Sports day, coined “BURN OUT,” carded for Saturday June 29th 2013 from 12pm at the Pottersville Savannah.

Participants will be allowed to engage in different games ranging from board games (Dominoes, Draughts, Chess, Checkers & Darts) to sporting events including volleyball, netball on the grass & street cricket to athletic type games & children’s games.

The sports day will climax with a massive fitness challenge and the grand TWISTED ENDUR-A-THON challenge, which will encompass several different mini challenges.

From which will emrge a Queen of Endurance and a BURN out King as well as a fitness champ, a children’s champ & the Twisted Endure-A-thon Grand Winner.

The general public is urged to attend the event.

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