Roseau Mayor Says he is Committed to Making City Litter Free

Mayor of Roseau, His worship Cecil Joseph

Recently we have heard of the new river promenade, demolishing of dilapidated buildings and strategic locations of litter bins being implemented in our capital.

It can be said that the Government of Dominica, alongside with the Mayor, his worship Cecil Joseph have taken up a great cause to enhance the city of Roseau not only through structure but by keeping the city clean.

Mr. Joseph stated the Main cause of concern where littering is prevalent is the Roseau river bank. He thinks this problem will be resolved with the new river promenade.

He said a decision of the promenade was not taken because of virtual littering, but because they wanted to pursue a Roseau development program.

The smart bins which are placed all over the city has made Dominicans very conscious of how garbage is managed, said the mayor.

He also complimented the companies that contributed and initiated the smart bins.

He further added that the smart bins isn’t the only major contribution to less littering in Roseau, but the bins have played an important role  in ensuring that people no longer litter indiscriminately.

He urged Dominicans to now look for a smart bin and place their garbage in them.

When asked if the littering act should be enforced this is what he had to say.

Mr. Joseph referred to a song of Bob Marley which says “emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our mind”, which goes to say  we should not be speaking of enforcement of litter bins, but how we can eradicate them and manage our own litter.

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