Roseau Mayor Wants Public Cooperation to Address City Stench

Mayor of Roseau, His Worship Cecil Joseph

Many persons have been complaining of the smell and litter on the streets of Roseau for a period of time, however Mayor of Roseau, His Worship Cecil Joseph, says restaurant owners and citizens urination in public, are the two major contributing factors to this issue.

Mr. Joseph says he requested from the Physical Planning Division to establish grease traps for all restaurant, that will confine all particles and debris.

He said there should be frequent visits to these establishments to ensure that they have proper means of getting rid of waste.

He said with the absence of that, there will be a constant stench and growing smell in the city.

Filthy Street in Roseau

He also added that, despite various meetings with the Physical Planning Division, this has not been given much attention, and the Roseau City Council has yet to receive a satisfactory response from restaurant owners in the city.

He said because of the poor drainage system in Roseau it floods very easily when rain falls.

To fix this drainage issue it would cost millions of dollars.

He suggested that the Management of the Dominica Water and Sewage Company (DOWASCO), ensure that they do their best to get all grey matter waste going through the system.

With this the grey matter will then travel to the plant to be treated before being released into the sea.

Dirty Gutter in Roseau

The Mayor pointed out that a lot of people claim that there is not any public convenience, however in the market area has about a dozen public conveniences, on River Bank there are more being manned by city council, on Bay front and on Bath Road as well.

The business houses themselves have public conveniences, and he is of the view, that by requesting the usage of the public convenience they will give the public the authority to use them.

Mr. Joseph says streets such as Great George Street, Kennedy Avenue, Kings Lane, the end of Hillsborough Street and Cork Street are some of the streets in Roseau that contributes to the disturbing smell.

He says throughout his travels to every Caribbean country, Roseau is the cleanest city in the Caribbean and we all need to work together to keep it that way.

He says rather than making numerous calls to the Roseau City Council about the smell, they should make calls to the users of the city to make a concerted effort to refrain from the negative practices they do with causes the city to smell.

He said unless this is done we will all continue to have serious problems.



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