Roseau Mayor Willing To Contest Roseau North Constituency in Next General Elections


Mayor of Roseau, His Worship Cecil Joseph

Although it may not be necessary, Mayor of Roseau his worship Cecil Joseph says that, he is willing to contest for the Roseau North constituency in the next general elections.

However he made it very clear that, he will do so if the current Parliamentary Representative for the constituency Honourable Julius Timothy, who recently suffered a stroke, is not in good health at the time of the elections, which is constitutionally due in 2015.

“If the Constituency Association makes a request of me to represent the Dominica Labour Party at the next general election, I will accept because it is a party that stands for the development of the people and understand their cries,” stated Mr. Joseph.

Mr. Joseph was asked if he thinks he will receive the support from his constituents if the need arises.

He revealed that when he contested the Roseau North Seat for the Dominica Labour Party in the 2005 general elections against Mr. Timothy who was a member of the United Workers Party, he lost by 469 votes.

He said this although a defeat it was a promising sign, when compared to the margin of defeat by previous candidates, who ran against Mr. Timothy.

The mayor noted, if selected for the position and the need arises, he will certainly continue where Mr. Timothy has left off.

Mr. Joseph promised to also work in the important area of education that will go hand in hand with his history of working with various Institutions on scholarship programmes he previously implemented with the Roseau City Council namely Monroe College.

He added, those who may dispute his intention of running for the Roseau North constituency, can simply take a close look at his record, as no other Mayor in the history of Dominica has accomplished as much as him.

  • Ras Albert Williams

    Dear Mr editor,

    Should Mr Joseph contest the Roseau North constituency in the next general elections in place of Mr Timothy am of the opinion that he would make an excellend candidtate.

    To date, Joseph has served with distinction in his present capacity as Mayor of the City of Roseau. A role that largely civic-minded, and does not have a wealth of resources.

    Nevertheless, Joseph continues to bring his personal touch to the office, and in my view has raisedan awareness of the role of City Council beyond it traditional role.

    I can only see Mr joseh continuing to build on his experience as mayor, and to deliver a genuine service to the country in any official capacity to which he is called upon to serve.

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