Roseau Parl Rep Says We Must Emulate LIME Business Model For Tourism

Parliamentary Representative for the Roseau Constituency, Honourable Norris Prevost

In dealing with the struggles Dominica is facing in the tourism industry, Parliamentary Representative for the Roseau Constituency, Honourable Norris Prevost, says that Dominica should emulate LIME’s marketing model, as the country faces difficult times in the tourism industry.

Mr. Prevost says LIME was the first headline sponsor of the World Creole Music Festival (WCMF), but when the company was displaced by competitors it never lost its marketing focus.

He said they remained focused as they always realized the true potential of such an important event, and the impact it has, and continue to have on Dominica.

The Roseau Parliamentary Representative says that Creole in the Park is the most innovative activity organized in Dominica since the World Creole Music Festival, especially as it provides a week of activities which can be enjoyed by the entire family.

Mr. Prevost also said that the event creates economic opportunities for local artistes, caterers and other entrepreneurs.

Based on his own analysis as far as the World Creole Music Festival, Creole in the Park and the tourism sector is concerned, four of their most important customers are; The French Antilles, Dominicans overseas, Ross University and Dominican artistes.

Patrons At Creole In The Park

Mr. Prevost said in the Cruise Tourism Sector, Dominica has lost its most important customer, Carnival Cruise line, bringing severe hardship on the vendors, tour and taxi operators.

The coming loss of American Eagle, Dominica’s most important air access customer, representing a loss of some 50,000 passenger seats yearly, is another heavy blow to the Hoteliers and hotel workers.

Mr. Prevost says that with Tourism on the brink, it’s time for Dominica to focus its Marketing on its core customers.

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